Cognitive Talent Solutions CEO Francisco Marin will be speaking about Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the DCH HR Digitalization Forum, taking place next October 18 in Madrid. The presentation will be delivered through a videoconference from Manhattan (New York).

The event will cover the presentation of results from the II DCH Barometer about HR Digitalization in Spain, as well as presentations about Digital Disruption in HR, the Future of Assessment and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Finally, senior HR executives and thought leaders will be sharing experiences in two different roundtables.

The event will feature speakers like Cubiks Head of People Analytics Jouko Van Aggelen (UK), Hogan Assessment Systems CEO Scott Gregory (USA), Speexx Country Managing Director Elena Giménez (Spain) and Artic Shores Managing Director Robert Newry (USA).

Cognitive Talent Solutions’ presentation will explain how the combination of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help Human Resources leaders address strategic challenges, including identification of informal leaders, burnout risk assessment and organizational design.

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Francisco Marín

Francisco Marín is the co-founder and CEO of Cognitive Talent Solutions, a startup focused on the implementation of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) solutions powered by AI.

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