At Cognitive Talent Solutions we take data privacy very seriously. These are some of the actions we take to ensure our engagements are fully compliant with GDPR:

  1. Users are given a direct line to our Data Protection (DP) Officer: For any organization to have a successful data collection process in place, they need to have a DP officer. This will be an authorized person with the knowledge of data and privacy issues. Details of our DP like office, name, email and contact information are available to our users.
  2. Users are informed about the data retention period for the survey data: The GDPR compliant surveys relations specify that all the organization looking for compliance, have to clarify the tenure for which respondent data will be retained. Under GDPR, every organization needs to have their own data retention rules. We provide our own language and data protection policy and so should every other organization and mention it clearly in their surveys.
  3. Users are asked for consent to collect data, and they are informed about the benefits that data collection report to them.
  4. Users can revoke and withdraw this consent at any time by submitting a request to the data controller to have their personal information erased or to prevent further processing of that data.
  5. Users are granted access to the collected data: GDPR compliant surveys enforce the fact that every respondent should be able to read and also download their data in readable formats. We allow users to corresponding user metadata along with downloading it like IP address, information about browser and others. To make sure the download is also GDPR compliant, users can make the download in either PDF or JSON format.
  6. Restrictions in email communication analysis: When monitoring email communication, the only information captured is the email accounts of senders and recipients. This information is obtained by filtering the data provided by the email platform's API on our clients' premises, thus avoiding contact with sensitive information such as email content.