What is ONA?

In all organizations, employees create informal groups with whom they interact on a regular basis. We all know someone in our company that we can reach out to if we need help solving a technical issue, or that other person that we can trust for personal support with a work-related problem. These spontaneous connections are of critical importance, since they define the way knowledge is generated, distributed and retained across an organization.

The problem is, that these connections are not always created in a predictable manner or between those employees that can most benefit from being more connected. Because of this, in order to design an effective organization, it is essential to understand where these connections exist or should exist.

Organizational Network Analysis allows you to visualize and analyze both formal and informal relationships that exist within your organization, enabling you to model a business strategy that effectively exchanges information and ideas to help your company thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

By mapping the informal relationships that exists within your organization, Organizational Network Analysis enables you to identify employees with informal leadership. If you identify the 3% of employees with informal leadership and turn them into early adopters, you can influence up to 85% of the remaining population and accelerate the adoption of strategic changes.

In a new reality characterized by its volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, Organizational Network Analysis empowers your company to operate in a more agile fashion, leveraging the influence of informal leaders to maximize business success.

What questions can ONA help answer?

Source: "The role of Organisational Network Analysis in People Analytics" by David Green