Why do 75% of organizational restructuring initiatives fail?

Research reveals that 82% of organizations implement organizational restructuring initiatives every year but 75% of those initiatives fail, including mergers, acquisitions and internal reorganizations. Common integration challenges include identifying the right people for the right roles and completing the restructuring process in a timely manner.

Source: Boston Consulting Group, Harvard Business Review

The solution

Our proprietary platform Cognitive Network Analyzer ™ helps companies who want to implement mergers, acquisitions and/or internal reorganizations by simulating complex organizational restructuring scenarios at employee level.

This is a self-service platform where the user defines restructuring criteria, including target population, variables to be optimized, optimization approach, team size and downsizing targets among others.

Source: Cognitive Talent Solutions

Cognitive Network Analyzer ™ provides the Integration Team and the operational leaders with recommendations on potential matches between employees and available positions in the new organizational structure, providing an employee level simulation or large-scale reorganizations based on the proposed optimization criteria. This speeds up decision-making throughout the restructuring process, significantly reducing implementation time and cost, minimizing undesired, deal-specific employee turnover, increasing Integration Manager's capacity and maximizing the creation of shareholder value.

Source: Cognitive Talent Solutions

In contrast with the traditional approach, employees in the target company are provided full visibility on how the selection process was taking place, reducing the level of uncertainty and increasing the level of engagement. This in turn impacts in a positive manner the productivity levels during the integration and reduces in a significant manner the levels of undesired employee turnover, eventually leading to an increase in shareholder value. Last but not least, by avoiding non value added workloads the Integration Managers and the operational leaders can focus more time and energy on core activities, thus contributing to a smoother implementation and higher levels of employee engagement.

In summary, the employee-level simulation of organizational restructuring scenarios enables companies to move from a biased, time-consuming and expensive restructuring process to an informed, agile and efficient one.

Source: Cognitive Talent Solutions

Case study: Accelerating a multibillion-dollar Telecom merger in Europe

In this case study documented with our partner IntegrationSuccess, our patent-pending algorithm helped accelerate a mutibillion-dollar merger in the telecom industry. By simulating complex organizational restructuring scenarios, Integration Managers and operational leaders were able to significantly accelerate decision-making throughout the restructuring process. Business executives with 20+ years of experience documented a total of $63M dollar in cost avoidance savings, accounting for 3% of the deal value ($1.8Bn). These is a summary of the documented benefits:

Source: Cognitive Talent Solutions