Address Strategic People Challenges with Organizational Network Analysis

Reduce Unwanted Attrition

Identify the critical people in your organization's informal network and proactively mitigate their attrition risk

Onboard Faster

Accelerate new hires' time-to-productivity by positioning informal leaders as buddies

Invest in the Right Leaders

Enhance HiPo identification by considering social capital metrics in leadership development programs

Manage the Return to the Office

Understand the collaboration dynamics of remote vs onsite work models in your organization

Build an Inclusive Organization

Understand your organization's inclusion dynamics at age, gender and ethnicity level

Mitigate Burnout Risk

Proactively mitigate burnout risk by analyzing your organization's digital footprint


Data Ethics

We analyze metadata from passive data sources at aggregate level, thus protecting employee's right to privacy


Our technology is designed for companies to move beyond the pilot stage and scale ONA across the whole organization


We leverage proprietary AI technology to recommend and implement interventions across the organization

Cognitive Talent Solutions Selected To Join Morgan Stanley's MCIL program

What our clients have to say

Paula Giannetti

Paula Giannetti


"This is a powerful tool that promotes an innovative vision for the management and recognition of internal talent, as it gives visibility to people who consistently contribute to results and a good organizational climate at all levels of the organization"

Alvaro Vazquez

Alvaro Vazquez

HR Director Iberia & Latam @ Verisure Securitas Direct

“Cognitive Talent Solutions helped us understand our internal collaboration dynamics through a combination of active and passive organizational network analysis, providing actionable insights at scale"

Olatunde Kalejaiye

Olatunde Kalejaiye

Executive Director, Finance, Strategy & Administration @Graceco

"Cognitive Talent Solutions enabled us enhance the identification of high-potential employees through Organizational Network Analysis, providing actionable insights in a matter of weeks"

Katya Kohen

Katya Kohen

Founding Partner @Starta Ventures

“Cognitive Talent Solutions helped us to enhance the performance assessments of coaches and startups in our accelerator program by analyzing and visualizing informal interactions”

Thomas Kessler

Thomas Kessler

CEO @IntegrationSuccess

“The organizational restructuring simulation technology developed by Cognitive Talent Solutions can save up to 3% of deal value in any M&A scenario”

Raquel Gonzalez

Raquel Gonzalez

HR Director @The Workshop

“Cognitive Talent Solutions helped us identify informal leaders in our organization and enabled us to visualize and mitigate organizational silos and bottlenecks”

Angel Javier Vicente

Angel Javier Vicente

Transformation, Organization & People Director @Cofares Group

"Cognitive Talent Solutions provided us with actionable insights to accelerate strategic change adoption and reduce new hires' time-to-productivity"

Diego Alvarado

Diego Alvarado

Process Transformation Manager @CORPORACION MULTI INVERSIONES

"Cognitive Talent Solutions helped us to accelerate the adoption of our ERP through the identification of informal leaders who were positioned as Subject Matter Experts"

Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia

CEO @Ortoplus Group

“Cognitive Talent Solutions helped us improve how we generate and distribute knowledge in our organization, accelerating our internal innovation process in a significant manner”

Selected Clients & Partners