• Talent2Africa is becoming a choice brand for companies doing business in the African market to source and to hire middle managers and executives. Talent2Africa is the only Pan-African online recruitment platform bringing together a dedicated network of candidates from diverse backgrounds, all of them interested in career opportunities in Africa. Their innovative concept, more of a social network than a digital headhunting agency, allows them to find the best candidates in a timely manner and to propose more advantageous rates than traditional headhunting companies. Their members come from the French-speaking, English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa.


  • TransforMapping is a Brazilian Consulting Firm with expertise in strategy, productivity and people management. Their projects contribute to expressing the strengths of people and teams and generating the necessary collaboration to respond successfully to business challenges.


  • Headquartered in Paris, We’ll has the mission to bring the company, its leaders and all of its components to adapt to all forms of change, to find new potential and to increase individual and collective performance. We’ll specialties include Middle managers training, Talent management, Online coaching, Change Management, consulting, communication, coaching, and e-coaching. The company counts with a client portfolio of large corporations that includes Carrefour, L’Occitane, AXA, Pfizer, Pierre Fabre, Orange, Repsol and Airbus among others. We’ll leverages Cognitive Talent Solutions ONA capabilities to complement its 360-degree HR solutions for large corporations.


  • IntegrationSuccess is a Post Merger Integration consulting firm consisting of a highly motivated team of Business Executives with 23 years of U.S., European, and Asian experience in the field of Merger Integration and Investment Banking.  IntegrationSuccess covers different areas of Post Merger Integration, including synergy identification, analysis, prioritization, day one task identification prioritization and scheduling, day one readiness, synergy tracking, communication, M&A Integration executive training and coaching. IntegrationSuccess has helped over 30 large and mid-sized; national and international; public, private, and family owned businesses across the globe.


  • Headquartered in India, Kognoz Research & Consulting specializes in offering lean transformation solutions to companies in the automotive, finance and healthcare sectors, helping them achieve capability improvement, people skills and business transformation and bringing in an enhancement in overall productivity at large.


  • Facthum, an international consulting group specializing in Human Resources, is Cognitive Talent Solutions' exclusive partner in Spain. Headquartered in Madrid, Facthum offers its services through four specialized divisions: Evaluation & Measurement, Training & Development, HR Tech and HR Consulting. Facthum is specialized in HR consulting for large companies and multinational corporations, and it counts with presence in 7 countries: Spain, México, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and USA. Its technology division is known as FacthumDigital and it has developed HR tech solutions for Learning & Development, Talent Assessment and Gamification, working with companies like CBRE, KIKO Milano, BMW and McDonalds among others.


  • PPEARL is a consulting firm headquartered in Singapore with offices in Australia, Philippines, and South Africa. PPEARL's consulting model is geared towards the Future of Work where their network of over 1,200 Experts deliver work across 6 broad domains: People, Digital Innovation, Business, Sustainability, Change Management, and Design. Its name is derived from the belief that People are like pearls, all starting out from a humble grain of sand and, with the right environment and nurture, can reach their full potential with unique expertise and talents.


  • i2i Labs is a technology commercializer focused on retail, food, and pharmacy innovation. They curate early to mid-stage tech companies and combine them with large corporations because they believe the future can be made better, together.

  • C5 Business Development Innovations (C5BDI) is a strategic planning, management and business development (BD) consulting firm. With a track record of supporting customers in the US and in addition to international BD support in Central and South America, as well as Europe, their goal is to ensure companies can expand their network and create opportunities to allow for penetration into new markets.

  • Through people analytics and planning, Piper Key helps clients navigate through workforce transformations. Its focus is to accelerate growth & operations, aligning your talent to purposely execute with effective processes, systems, and data.