A Fortune 500 Biotech Company Leverages ONA To Monitor And Enhance Business Performance

Cognitive Talent Solutions engaged with a 130K-employee Fortune 500 biotech company to monitor and enhance its business performance through a combination of active and passive organizational network analysis.

Leveraging Active ONA for Talent Management in a Private Hospital Network

In this case study, a private hospital network improved talent management by implementing Active Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). The goals were to identify high-potential employees who were not only high performers but also informal leaders, address leadership gaps in formal roles, and monitor diversity and inclusion dynamics.

Travelex Confidence Adopts ONA To Map The Company's Influencers And Contribute To Better People Management

In the pilot that Travelex Confidence carried out in the second half of 2021, they approached employees of the organization including all the support areas and a sample of the commercial areas. The mapping was done using two network analysis approaches — Passive and Active ONA. The implementation took place in Brazil, where Travelex, a company specializing in foreign exchange, has approximately 800 employees, most of them located in the Southeast Region.

A Leading Security Provider Leverages ONA in a Leadership Development Program

Cognitive Talent Solutions was tasked with aiding a client that was a leading provider for professionally monitored security solutions. The client already had proven, successful methods of selecting high potential talent internally. Through Cognitive Talent Solutions’ organizational network analysis, the client would have even more data to make better educated decisions.

A Multi-Industry Corporation Leverages ONA to Accelerate ERP Adoption

Cognitive Talent Solutions engaged with a 45,000-employee multi-industry corporation to ensure the adoption of current technology platforms while identifying opportunities for process efficiencies and optimization. The client leveraged active ONA to assess the project performance of 125 change leaders and made personnel changes resulting in a productivity increase and an accelerated end user adoption.

Ortoplus Group Uses ONA To Identify Informal Leaders And Increase Knowledge Sharing

Ortoplus Group is the largest orthodontic laboratory in Spain and an international leader with a presence in 40 countries. The four divisions that make up the Ortoplus business group (Ortoplus, OrthoApnea, Alineadent and Ortho3D) are housed in modern facilities in Malaga, the main economic and financial centre of southern Spain.

The Workshop Uses ONA To Improve Performance And Productivity

The Workshop is an innovative software development firm committed to building scalable solutions so its clients can maintain a significant competitive advantage. The business offers both a bespoke games studio and a services-oriented software development team who invent and invest in technology continuously.