Organizational network analysis (ONA) can enhance employee onboarding by providing insights into the communication and information flows within an organization. By mapping the relationships between individuals and groups, ONA can identify employees who may be particularly well-connected and influential, and who can serve as valuable sources of information and support for new employees. ONA can also identify employees who may be isolated or disconnected from their colleagues, and who may be in need of additional support and guidance. By highlighting these employees and their networks, ONA can provide valuable information for developing targeted onboarding programs and for identifying potential mentors and allies for new employees. Additionally, ONA can help identify potential allies and supporters of onboarding initiatives, and can provide a basis for targeted communication and engagement efforts to promote a smooth and successful onboarding process.

The onboarding process is a time when employees need to feel welcomed to the team and have everything clearly explained to them so that they can hit full productivity in their new role faster. ONA enables the identification of informal leaders, who can be positioned as "buddies" to new hires during their adaptation period. This results in shorter time-to-productivity, lower turnover risk and a better employee experience for the new hire.