What is Cognitive Network Analyzer™?

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ is a scalable cloud-based platform providing a data-driven approach to organizational network analysis. It enables your organization to inform and accelerate decision-making through the integration of social capital metrics, enhancing the identification of change facilitators and high-potential employees and monitoring the collaboration dynamics of remote teams among other use cases.

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ leverages both active and passive data sources, offering you a high level of flexibility for integration with internal and external data repositories. Our proprietary platform integrates patent-pending technology resulting in unique capabilities that differentiate us from other vendors.

By leveraging the capabilities of Cognitive Network Analyzer™, you can model a business strategy that effectively exchanges information and ideas to help your company thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

How does it work?

1. Plug active and passive data sources

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ leverages active and passive data sources such as online surveys and a variety of collaborative tools, including Microsoft 365, Jira, Github, Zoom and Slack among others.

2. Visualize networks at employee and aggregate level

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ enables you to visualize formal and informal networks in a very interactive manner: You can drag an employee and see how it influences other people in the organization and watch a large-scale restructuring unfold in real time.

You can also visualize interactions at aggregate level through customizable heat maps, identifying high-level trends at division, department or unit level. These heat maps can also be used to obtain actionable insights related to diversity and inclusion when aggregating the results by gender or age segment.

3. Obtain and share actionable insights

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ provides you customized recommendations at employee level, including actionable benchmarking insights and reallocation suggestions through the optimization of multiple variables. You can share these insights with the rest of the organization in a scalable manner by automatically generating customized reports.

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ also allows you to send email nudges with actionable insights on a regular basis, increasing actionability and enabling sustainable value creation.

Last but not least, Cognitive Network Analyzer™ allows you to automatically deliver customized executive summaries to managers across the organization, providing them with actionable insights related to their direct reports in a scalable manner.


Active Organizational Network Analysis

Map informal interactions through an online survey, identify informal leaders and accelerate the adoption of strategic changes

Passive Organizational Network Analysis

Visualize and analyze teams' digital footprint at aggregate level by monitoring metadata from corporate email and other collaborative tools

Organizational Restructuring Simulation

Employee-level simulation of organizational restructuring scenarios such as mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations

Use Cases

Change Management

Accelerate strategic change adoption by positioning informal leaders as early adopters

Leadership Development

Identify the real subject matter experts and high potential employees in your organization

New Hire Onboarding

Reduce new hires' time-to-productivity by positioning informal leaders as buddies throughout the adaptation period

Organizational Silo Mitigation

Identify and mitigate organizational silos and bottlenecks in your organization

Burnout Risk Assessment

Assess burnout risk at aggregate level through digital footprint analysis

Mergers & Acquisitions

Reduce top talent attrition, realize synergies and prevent cultural clashes in mergers and acquisitions