What is Cognitive Network Analyzer™?

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ is a scalable cloud-based platform providing a data-driven approach to organizational network analysis and restructuring. It helps you identify informal leaders in your organization and simulate organizational restructuring scenarios at employee level, thus enabling your company to manage change in a more effective and efficient manner.

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ leverages both active and passive data sources, offering you a high level of flexibility for integration with internal data repositories. It allows you to manage several projects in a single platform integrating advanced visualization, analysis and export features. Our proprietary platform integrates patent-pending technology based on AI algorithms, resulting in unique capabilities that differentiate us from other vendors.

By leveraging the capabilities of Cognitive Network Analyzer™, you can model a business strategy that effectively exchanges information and ideas to help your company thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

How does it work?

1. Plug active and passive data sources

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ leverages active and passive data sources from online surveys, HR platforms and a wide variety of collaboration tools, including corporate email providers (Gmail, Outlook), project management tools (Jira), social coding platforms (Github), CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft) and intranet among others.

2. Visualize interactive networks

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ enables you to visualize networks in a very interactive and insightful manner: you can drag an employee and see how it influences other people in real time, adjust visualizations based on customized filters and customize the network colors to highlight relevant information.

3. Obtain customized recommendations

Cognitive Network Analyzer™ provides you customized recommendations with actionable at employee level, including skill development actions and roles based on employee's level of influence and reallocation insights through the optimization of multiple variables.