Ortoplus Group is the largest orthodontic laboratory in Spain and an international leader with a presence in 40 countries. The four divisions that make up the Ortoplus business group (Ortoplus, OrthoApnea, Alineadent and Ortho3D) are housed in modern facilities in Malaga, the main economic and financial centre of southern Spain.

With its 25-year history in the sector since its founding in 1992, Ortoplus leverages the latest technologies in the field of orthodontic appliances and oral sleep medicine. Its involvement in R&D allows the Malaga-based group to stay ahead with the most modern advances in biotechnology, having developed more than 365,000 orthodontic appliances and several patents worldwide.

Ortoplus Group's successes would not be possible without a robust backbone formed by a talented and dynamic team. The organizational culture of Ortoplus Group is based on teamwork, the commitment of the workers and their high qualification, all focused on customer satisfaction.

Ortoplus Group has an innovative approach to managing its human capital. Jesús García, CEO of Ortoplus Group, leads the company in operating in a more sustainable and effective manner by shaping a business strategy to maximize the exchange of information through the digitization of Human Resources.

Cognitive Talent Solutions and Facthum help Ortoplus Group to achieve this goal through the use of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), a technology that offers a structured way to visualize how communications, information and decisions flow through an organization. This technique creates statistical models and graphs of people, tasks, knowledge, and resources in organizational systems, making visible the interaction between strategic groups.

Learn more about how Ortoplus Group leveraged the capabilities of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) downloading the full case study.

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