The Organizational Sustainability Series from Singapore is a webinar series co-organized by Cognitive Talent Solutions (leading Organizational Network Analysis vendor), DCH (international CHRO organization counting with 4K-members) HRTechHub (DCH's international startup ecosystem), PPEARL (Singapore-based consulting firm with a network of over 1,200 experts across 6 domains) and IHRP (Singapore's Institute for Human Resource Professionals set up by the the Ministry of Manpower, the National Trades Union Congress and Singapore National Employers Federation).

Organizational sustainability is about equipping organizations with the people and structures necessary for success in the global marketplace of the 21st century. It means having the leadership, talent, global insights and change strategies necessary to rise to the the unique challenges facing organizations today. The Organizational Sustainability Series from Singapore will consist of 3 episodes, each covering a strategic challenge being faced by today's organizations.

S01 E01: The Role of Technology in Enabling Employee Wellbeing (October 7)

The first episode The Role of Technology in Enabling Employee Wellbeing is coming up on October 7 with Mayank Parekh (CEO at IHRP), Borko Kovacevic (COO & CMO at Microsoft Singapore) and Francisco Marin (Co-founder & CEO at Cognitive Talent Solutions) as speakers. The episode will be moderated by Natasha KK Mak-Levrion (Founder & CEO at PPEARL).

This episode will be structured as a fireside chat, providing the audience with the speakers' perspective on how technology is shaping and enabling employee wellbeing and their vision on how this trend will evolve in the future.

Francisco Marin is the Co-founder & CEO at Cognitive Talent Solutions, a leading People Analytics vendor specializing in Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), being recognized as one of the global top 12 vendors shaping the ONA space.

Mayank Parekh is the CEO of the Institute for Human Resource Professionals or IHRP. IHRP is the HR professional body in Singapore that defines HR standards of excellence, and leads the adoption of progressive human capital practices. It implements Singapore’s national HR certification framework. The IHRP Certification serves as a benchmark for both HR professionals and employers in identifying HR professionals’ skills and experience. Mayank counts with over 20 years of experience in regional, global HR and general management roles.

Borko Kovacevic is COO & CMO at Microsoft Singapore. He leads a team that oversees marketing, business operations and strategy for Microsoft Singapore, and responsible for product marketing, customer and partner experience, integrated and digital marketing, communications, and philanthropy. His key focus area and personal passion lies in driving ubiquitous Change and Corporate Innovation, through rapid and frequent cycles of iterative transformation, as well as adopting the culture of continuous learning.

Natasha KK Mak-Levrion is the Founder & CEO at PPEARL, a consulting firm headquartered in Singapore with offices in Australia, Philippines, and South Africa. PPEARL's consulting model is geared towards the Future of Work where their network of over 1,200 Experts deliver work across 6 broad domains: People, Digital Innovation, Business, Sustainability, Change Management, and Design.

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