Cognitive Talent Solutions has closed a partnership with Kognoz Research & Consulting to position its ONA platform Cognitive Network Analyzer™  in India and South East Asia.

Kognoz is a growing transformation and people advisory firm with a growing presence in India and South East Asia. Kognoz’s team is passionate about organizations and people meeting their full potential. Their services in transforming work, workplaces and businesses ensure maximization of this potential. They bring deep people and business systems expertise to their transformative consulting solutions that ensure thorough execution of strategies.

Their greatest value is in collaborative consulting and co-creating right solutions by embracing humility, selflessness and transparency to maximize client benefit and people effectiveness.

Kognoz partners with organizations in transforming their business, organization and people change management, assessing and enhancing human capital and upgrading the skills through our four service verticals:

  • Business Transformation – Kognoz applies LEAN principles and their proprietary Kognoz Business Systems (KBS) to improve and sustain the business performance
  • Organization, people and change – Kognoz aligns your people strategy to the business realities and enhance their productivity
  • Kognoz Talent Solutions – Kognoz partners with organizations to enhance their employee experience, learning and talent management and leverage technology to enhance your RoI.
  • Kognoz Learning Academy – Kognoz upgrades the skills of managers and leaders using their proprietary Action Coaching methodology. They also make them more effective through their customized learning solutions.

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Cognitive Talent Solutions

Cognitive Talent Solutions focuses its activity on Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Organizational Restructuring powered by AI. ONA allows you to visualize and analyze both formal and informal relationships that exist within your organization, enabling you to model a business strategy that effectively exchanges information and ideas to help your company thrive in a rapidly changing environment.


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