The Workshop is an innovative software development firm committed to building scalable solutions so its clients can maintain a significant competitive advantage. The business offers both a bespoke games studio and a services-oriented software development team who invent and invest in technology continuously. With technology teams working on the next generation of payments, security, and backend services the firm provides expert support services in software research, analysis and design.

The senior management team at The Workshop was interested in gaining a better understanding of the impact of organizational dynamics on the performance and productivity of the business. By developing this insight, they expected to be able to identify informal leaders, organizational bottlenecks and silos.

The Workshop were also committed to ensuring that knowledge and expertise within the business was captured, shared and retained to support employee and business development. They shared our ethos that the retention of knowledge and skills is critical for the success of any organisation, especially one which operates in such a dynamic and competitive sector.

This project with The Workshop provides an example of the importance of understanding and evaluating the way that organisations work at an informal level in a new reality characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Our Organizational Network Analysis empowers your company to operate in a more agile fashion, leveraging the influence of informal leaders to maximize business success.

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Cognitive Talent Solutions

Cognitive Talent Solutions focuses its activity on Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) and Organizational Restructuring powered by AI. ONA allows you to visualize and analyze both formal and informal relationships that exist within your organization, enabling you to model a business strategy that effectively exchanges information and ideas to help your company thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

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