Cognitive Talent Solutions is launching the "Future of Work Series from Silicon Valley" in partnership with DCH and HR Tech Hub.

DCH is an international association of HR executives, counting with 3000+ members across the US, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Africa. Its HR Tech Hub connects HR Tech startups with corporations, organizing discussion panels and networking events.

The first season of the series will consist of three one-hour episodes, where professionals from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond will be discussing the latest trends in the Future of Work.

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S01 E01: “The Hybrid Workforce: Onsite vs Remote Work”

The first episode “The Hybrid Workforce: Onsite vs Remote Work” is coming up on May 6 with Angelo Del Priore (Partner at HP Tech Ventures), Carmen Bryant (Director of Marketing, US at, Kae Huynh (Investor at EG Ventures) and Francisco Marin (co-founder & CEO of Cognitive Talent Solutions) as speakers.

This episode will be structured as a fireside chat, providing the audience with the unique perspectives of a VC partner, a corporate executive, an angel investor and a startup founder on the challenges and opportunities presented by different workplace strategies.

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