Cognitive Talent Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with FacthumDigital to help HR departments leverage the capabilities of predictive analytics.

FacthumDigital is a HR Tech company specialized in the development of technology tools related to Human Capital. It is part of the Facthum Group, a Spain-based HR consulting firm with international presence in USA and Latin America. FacthumDigital has developed HR tech solutions for Learning & Development, Talent Assessment and Gamification, working with companies like CBRE, KIKO Milano, BMW and McDonalds among others.

The goal of this partnership is to combine Cognitive Talent Solutions’ expertise in predictive analytics with FacthumDigital’s expertise in technology and HR consulting. This will result in the development of innovative People Analytics solutions that will help companies make better, more informed decisions about their employees.

In 2017, 69% of companies were actively taking steps to improve the way they look at people data, compared to only 10-15% before. By leveraging the capabilities of People Analytics, managers are enabled to analyze and predict their staff needs in a more effective manner. This helps make workplaces more productive, improving career development and enhancing the overall employee experience.

The increasing adoption of People Analytics software is streamlining the data analytics process by providing management with the speed to act on real-time, actionable insights. With this as a strong foundation for progress, 2018 promises to have some radical changes to the HR landscape.

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