Cognitive Talent Solutions Partners With Talent2Africa To Expand Its Operations In Africa

Cognitive Talent Solutions is partnering with Talent2Africa to expand its operations in Africa.

Talent2Africa is becoming a choice brand for companies doing business in the African market to source and to hire middle managers and executives. Talent2Africa is the only Pan-African online recruitment platform bringing together a dedicated network of candidates from diverse backgrounds, all of them interested in career opportunities in Africa. Their innovative concept, more of a social network than a digital headhunting agency, allows them to find the best candidates in a timely manner and to propose more advantageous rates than traditional headhunting companies. Their members come from the French-speaking, English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries of Africa.

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is playing an increasingly important role in Recruitment by helping HR teams understand the traits of informal leaders and integrate actionable insights into candidate screening processes. It also helps companies accelerate new hires’ time-to-productivity by positioning informal leaders as buddies, including the combination of ONA with automated peer introduction technology.

Together, Cognitive Talent Solutions and Talent2Africa will provide African clients with a combination of ONA technology and consulting services, thus maximizing the success of their active and passive ONA deployments.

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Cognitive Talent Solutions has established 12 partnerships across 10 countries from 6 continents. Learn more about our global network of partners here.

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