Cognitive Talent Solutions has been selected to join Starta Accelerator’s 6th batch in NYC.

Starta Accelerator, New York’s premier Euro-American startup accelerator and one of the first funds to embrace the democratized venture capital model by tokenizing a part of its portfolio companies, is returning this August with its sixth batch of companies.

In the three years since the accelerator’s establishment, Starta has already successfully worked with 54 companies. Starta’s program brings promising startups to the Big Apple, funds them, and ultimately seeks to continue its successful streak of securing follow-on funding for each of its portfolio companies, both on and off the blockchain.

Participating founders will spend three months building their products, acquiring customers, refining their pitches, and acclimating themselves to life in the United States. August 6th will mark the beginning of the sixth batch, with a Demo Day planned for the second week of November.

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Francisco Marín

Francisco Marín is the co-founder and CEO of Cognitive Talent Solutions, a startup focused on the implementation of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) solutions powered by AI.

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